By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

One year has passed since I published the article entitled The Best Vehicle I Have Ever Owned, which also means one year closer to taking delivery of the Tesla Tri Motor Cybertruck that I ordered on 2019-11-22. And yes, I am really, really excited about that. Who wouldn’t be?

We took delivery of our pair of Tesla Model 3 EVs in September and December of 2018. Mine, which is Pearl White with a white interior that is named “Baby Pearl,” currently has 22,137 miles on its odometer. My wife’s one, which…

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

Not a day goes by when I do not use fonts. Whether you are a seasoned font developer or a customer who makes frequent use of a variety of fonts, if you have ever encountered strange font behavior in apps, such as characters not appearing as expected, font menu oddities, printing issues, and so on, then this article is for you.

I apologize in advance that the primary focus of this article is macOS, because that is the OS that I use on a daily basis. …

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

A non-trivial amount of time and effort that spanned the last ten years of my career of 28+ years at Adobe was used to prepare and publish nearly 300 articles on the now-static CJK Type Blog. This was a part of my work that I enjoyed very much. A former colleague in Adobe’s Beijing office, Gu Hua, started the blog at the end of 2008, and I took it over in mid-2011 when her responsibilities shifted, which was just over 10 years ago. She left Adobe at the end of 2014…

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

The sole purpose of this article is to describe how I was put onto a CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)—meaning East Asian languages and the scripts that they use—career path. My study of Russian played a significant role in this, hence the somewhat catchy title of this article.


Greater-metropolitan Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, which now boasts five roundabouts, is where I was raised by my parents, who happen to be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this August in greater-metropolitan Hot Springs, South Dakota. …

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

The short answer: Yes!

The long answer: Continue reading…

From time to time, I am asked about my name when expressed in Japanese—using ideographs (aka Chinese characters, kanji, hànzì, or hanja)—so this particular article is intended to set the record straight once and for all.

Before I begin, however, I feel compelled to point out that 99% of those in the US who refer to themselves as “Ken” actually have “Kenneth”—or perhaps “Kendall”—as their official given name that is reflected on their birth certificate. My parents, on the other hand, named…

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

That is the question…

This article, which is intended to convey tidbits from nearly three decades of experience in developing East Asian type (aka fonts), uses parlance that only those in type development are likely to understand—or appreciate.

What Are CIDs?

This article is about CIDs, and as the main topic of this article, CID is an abbreviation for Character ID or Character Identifier, which refers to glyphs in a font resource through the use of integer values in the range 0 through 65534. Such font resources are CID-keyed, because their glyphs are associated…

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

Bluntly speaking, although I have nearly three decades of experience developing East Asian fonts, mainly during my 28+ years of tenure at Adobe, I am not a typeface designer. Never was—and at my age—never will be. This is not a confession, but rather an undisputed fact.

Of course, I have created my fair share of new glyphs, or modified existing ones, but that was to supplement or adjust an existing typeface design. When I developed the additional Heisei (平成 heisei) fonts, beyond Heisei Mincho W3 (平成明朝 W3) and Heisei Kaku Gothic…

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

Unicode-related activities have kept me busy for the past several years, and this brief report is a way to provide a snapshot of the current status of things I have been working on in this particular realm.

The UTC (Unicode Technical Committee) #165 meeting took place this week—on 2020-10-05 and 2020-10-07—and like the two prior UTC meetings, it was conducted as a Zoom virtual meeting…

…thanks to COVID-19.

To prepare for UTC #165, the Unihan Ad Hoc met on the evening of 2020-09-18 for a full three hours, and the eight…

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

Good things always come to an end. When that inevitably happens, it provides an opportunity to reflect upon all of the “good” that was experienced, and more importantly, the necessity to record as many details as possible to ensure that the “good” is not lost forever.

That is the sole purpose of this particular article.

This article chronicles an activity that spanned a solid 19 years, took place in Silicon Valley, and was entwined with a 28-year career. To summarize it in TL;DR fashion, it is best for me to simply…

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

A blowfish image from the Dover Pictorial Archive
A blowfish image from the Dover Pictorial Archive

Can you guess the reference? For those who are not aware, the title of this article is the title of the eleventh episode of the second season of The Simpsons, which originally aired in early 1991.

This particular article will instead focus on the history and evolution of the blowfish (河豚 fugu in Japanese) image that appears on the cover of all three of my books that were published by O’Reilly Media. …

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