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Dr Ken Lunde
11 min readMay 4, 2021

By Dr Ken Lunde, Janitor, Spirits of Christmas Past

A non-trivial amount of time and effort that spanned the last ten years of my career of 28+ years at Adobe was used to prepare and publish nearly 300 articles on the now-static CJK Type Blog. This was a part of my work that I enjoyed very much. A former colleague in Adobe’s Beijing office, Gu Hua, started the blog at the end of 2008, and I took it over in mid-2011 when her responsibilities shifted, which was just over 10 years ago. She left Adobe at the end of 2014. The final article was published on 2019-08-20, which was approximately two months prior to my termination date.

It was in May of 2019 that I was told that Adobe wanted to retire the CJK Type Blog, and that a very small number of key articles could be kept. I told them of the value of the blog as a whole, and that many developers, to include articles published elsewhere, reference its articles. Because I saw that the end of the blog was near, I started to add at the end of each article the image that is shown at the end of this article. As new articles were published, I moved the image, and it remains at the end of the final article that is referenced in the previous paragraph. Anyway, someone must have decided that the blog—or at least the vast majority of its articles—were valuable enough to keep on life support.

Adobe re-hosted the blog a few months ago, and a small number of articles were mysteriously removed. These are indicated by article titles that are in bold, but thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I am able to provide working links to those 14 articles. Among the articles that were removed are a small number that are referenced by a non-trivial number of other articles, such as the one entitled Adobe-Japan1-6 Is Expecting! (one of my all-time favorites). In addition, and as a result of the re-hosting process, some of the links in the articles are now broken, such as articles that include a translated version. There is nothing that I can do about that. Sorry. Based on the pattern that was apparently used to remove articles, I suspect that some of the remaining ones may be in danger of being removed at some point without warning. Such articles are prefixed with a bullet (pun intended).

Translated versions of articles are prefixed with the language of the translation, such as 日本語 (Japanese) or 한국어 (Korean).

Lastly, some of the articles have been improved, expanded, or replaced by ones that I have since published here on Medium. These articles are clearly indicated, and immediately follow the article that they effectively replace.

The index is in chronological order, and arranged by year. 2012 was a particularly productive year.

Some readers of this article might be wondering why I am publishing an index of the CJK Type Blog. Well, for starters, there is no search box on the re-hosted main page.

In any case, enjoy the articles while you can!


Hello, World!
Four Simplified Chinese Fonts bundled with CS4
What Is Special About The Pr6N Fonts?


Create Your Own “招財進寳” Glyph
Using AFDKO To Build OpenType Fonts
A New Face For Adobe
新しいタイポグラフィの表現を可能にするために 日本語プロポーショナルかなフォント かづらき® の取り組み
关于字间距(一): 字间距在字库中的设置
关于字间距(二): InDesign 的字间距调整功能
如何排查Mac OS X上的字体问题
MediumNuking Font Caches From Orbit
Adobe CS4 & Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Announcing the “CMap Resources” open source project
Adobe CoolType
“字形” 和 “字型”
Text Layout Framework: 在Web上体现专业字库价值
Symbol & Pi Fonts


Kazuraki 正式发布了!
IVS Support: The Current Status and the Next Steps
「かづらき」がTDC2 2010のタイプフェイスデザイン部門で受賞
The results from a 7.5-year experiment are in: Unicode and OpenType are successes!
关于Creative Suite 5 (CS5) 捆绑字库的介绍
Adobe Web Fonts
The “Hanyo-Denshi” IVD Collection has been registered!
Japan’s Jōyō Kanji set has just been revised. So, what comes next?


Adobe 网络字体登陆WebINK
Unicode Beyond-BMP Top Ten List
Medium2022 Top Ten List: Why Support Beyond-BMP Code Points?
Managing XUID Arrays
The “cidfontinfo” File
Leveraging AFDKO Tools to Convert Name-keyed OpenType Fonts to CID-keyed — Part 1


Genuine Han Unification
Leveraging AFDKO Tools to Convert Name-keyed OpenType Fonts to CID-keyed — Part 2
Leveraging AFDKO Tools to Convert Name-keyed OpenType Fonts to CID-keyed — Part 3
AFDKO “features” File Tips & Tricks, Part 1: ‘vmtx’ Table Overrides
Two Adobe Tech Note Updates
AFDKO “features” File Tips & Tricks, Part 2: GSUB Features for Public ROSes
Adobe-Japan1-6 Turns 20 Years Old
An “Extreme” OpenType Font
Excruciating details about the Adobe Tech Note #5079 update
CMap Resource Updates
CMap Resource Names Explained
To Subroutinize, Or Not To Subroutinize
What if…
How much interest in AFDKO for other platforms?
CJK Unified/Compatibility Ideographs in Unicode Version 6.1
Simplifying CIDFont Glyph Corrections Using AFDKO Tools
A Better Method To Insert Corrected Glyphs Into CIDFont Resources
A Tool For Enumerating FDArray Elements & Their CIDs
IVD Version 2012-03-02 Released
CJK Compatibility Ideographs
Building UTF-32 CMap Resources
Morisawa Type Design Competition 2012
Another CJK-related Adobe Tech Note has been revised…
Not One, But Three, IVD Code Charts
Always Check Your Outlines
ATypI Hong Kong 2012
The BlueValues Array & Setting Its Values
Advantages of Numeric Character References
CID vs GID (Cont’d)
Adobe-Japan1-6 Radical/Stroke Database
ISO/IEC 14496-28:2012 Published
The All-Important Macron
The AFDKO ‘tx’ Tool
Know Your Documentation
Kazuraki Poster Redux
Never Say Never
Making “Character Codes” Look Better
Towards Breaking The 64K Glyph Barrier…
The Special-Purpose Adobe-Identity-0 ROS
Building a CID-keyed font with 64K glyphs
Building a CID-keyed font with 64K glyphs & 256 FDArray elements
A very useful AFDKO ‘tx’ tool command line…
“All Of Unicode” CFR Object
Adobe-Japan1-6 Unicode Version 6.1 Tables
CMap Resource Updates & Change Policies
Hong Kong or Bust!
ISO/IEC 10646:2012 Published!
Stay tuned…
Preparing for the Tokyo AFDKO Workshop
Be warned…
Traveling Abroad
IRG 38
Two AFDKO-related Tool Updates
Tokyo AFDKO Workshop (AM Session)
Tokyo AFDKO Workshop (PM Session)
Worlds Apart
CFR Support in Mac OS X Version 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
ATypI Hong Kong 2012 Program
O… M… G…
Adobe’s First Open Source Font: Kenten Generic
To CID, Or Not To CID
MediumTo CID, Or Not To CID
Minor Adobe-Japan1-6 Unicode CMap Resource Update
Adobe Type Community Translation
Glyph Corrections Via AFDKO Tools
IMUG = International Multilingual User Group
Glyph Corrections Via AFDKO Tools — Redux
Details About The New AFDKO Version…
AFDKO Workflow Diagrams
Announcing Source Code Pro
Next Week: ATypI Hong Kong 2012
Manipulating CID-Keyed Fonts Using AFDKO Tools
Kazuraki: Under The Hood
Combining 3 Tools Into 1: glyph-list.pl
Turning CID-Keyed Fonts Into OpenType Fonts Using AFDKO
These are a few of my favorite things…
Old Hangul
Old Hangul — Redux
Standardized Variants — Part 1
Standardized Variants — Part 2
Standardized Variants — Part 3


Thank you to all our Chinese and Japanese community translators
Adobe Blank: Another Adobe-Identity-0 Implementation
Heisei “StdN” Fonts
アドビはFreeTypeにCFFラスタライザー技術を提供 (日本語) — Adobe向FreeType提供字体光栅处理技术 (中文)
Gothic/Myungjo or Dotum/Batang?
OpenType ‘cmap’ Table Ramblings
CSS Orientation Test OpenType Fonts
日本語「CSS Orientation Test OpenType Fonts」について
Top Ten List: Reasons To Abandon Shift-JIS Encoding
NHK World: Design Talks
Font Development Via Unicode
The Adobe-Identity-0 ROS & Heuristics
Some initial Adobe-Japan1-6 versus UTR #50 thoughts…
A Tale of Three (OpenType) Features
Twenty Years Ago…
“Understanding Japanese Information Processing”
UTR #50 Released!
Standardized Variants — Part 4
A Glimpse At Unicode Version 7.0
“CJKV Information Processing” 2E Humor & Easter Eggs
Medium“CJKV Information Processing” Second Edition: Easter Eggs & Amusements
National Standards vs ISO/IEC 10646 & Unicode
ISO/IEC 14496-28:2012 (CFR) Is Now Freely Available!
U+4E00 versus U+2F00
PRI 259


GB 18030 Oddity or Design Flaw?
Introducing & Building OpenType Collections (OTCs)
OpenType Collections — Redux
Follow @CJKType on Twitter!
From The Archives: JIS2004 CMap Resource History
IDS + OpenType: Pseudo-encoding Unencoded Glyphs
China’s 通用规范汉字表 (Tōngyòng Guīfàn Hànzìbiǎo)
MediumThe GB 18030-2022 Standard
Adobe Blank AJ16
Unicode Beyond-BMP Top Ten List — 2014 Redux
Medium2022 Top Ten List: Why Support Beyond-BMP Code Points?
JIS X 0212 versus JIS X 0213
JIS X 0213 versus kIRG_JSource
JIS X 0213 versus kIRG_JSource — Redux
“Houston, we have a problem… …with U+4548”
Close, But No Cigar: The Tale of U+8B04
Two More Taiwan MOE “Fangti” Standard Issues
The “Moji_Joho” IVD Collection Is Now Registered
Prescriptive Kanji Simplification
Please welcome U+9FCD through U+9FE9 to the URO!
2015 = Unicode 8.0
From Russia[n] With Love
From Russia(n) With Love?
Pan-CJK Font Development Details
Source Han Sans: OTF, OTC, Super OTC, or Subset OTF?
The Three Musketeers (三銃士)
Source Han Slate
IUC38 Presentations
East Asia Tour 2014
GB 18030 Oddity or Design Flaw? (Redux)
Source Han Sans Development: Archaic Hangul
GB 12052-89: PRC Standard For Korean


Source Han Sans vs Source Sans Pro & Source Code Pro
CJK Unified Ideographs in Unicode Version 8.0
IMUG: The International Multilingual User Group
Collections… …of the OpenType/CFF Variety
To GB 18030, Or Not To GB 18030…
MediumThe GB 18030-2022 Standard
MediumThe First Amendment
Introducing Tombo SP (トンボ SP)
1,111,998 to 1 → Adobe Blank 2
GitHub Migration
Introducing IVS Test
Source Han Sans Version 1.002 Update
UTC (Unicode Technical Committee)
Source Han Sans Version 1.003 Update
Introducing Source Han Code JP
Source Han Sans Version 1.004 Update
Exploring Typekit’s New Dynamic Kits
Managing XUID Arrays — Redux
IUC39 Preparations
To V, Or Not To V
Two Biángs Are Better Than One
Introducing FDArray Test
IUC39 Presentation
What’s in a ‘name’ (Table)?
The Passing of My Mentor
MediumIn Memoriam: My Mentor


Unicode’s “Adopt a Character” Campaign
Ideographic Tally Marks
An Early Look At Unicode Version 10.0
Discovering Historical Gems
Year of the Monkey
“My God, it’s full of stars! And turtles and dragons!”
MediumThe Road to ‘Ideograph Hell’…
The Experimental “PanCJKV” IVD Collection
The Experimental “PanCJKV” IVD Collection — Redux
The “PanCJKV” IVD Collection — Unregistered
UTC #147
The Missing Link
“Bahts is [not] parts”
The Joy of tx
Something fell between the cracks!
Hong Kong or Bust! — Redux
Introducing “LOCL Test”
Introducing “Width Test”
Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!
“One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”
Medium“One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”
Soon To Open: Plane 3, the Tertiary Ideographic Plane
25 Years of Unicode
Tofu, Or Not Tofu
XUID Arrays: One Less Thing To Worry About
Glyph Names versus CIDs
25 Years of #AdobeLife & @AdobeType
MediumMy 28+ Years of #AdobeLife
Unicode Version 9.0
August 2, 2016 — A Date Which Will Live In Dignity
UTC #148, Extension F & Unicode Version 10.0
Autumn 2016 Activities
Standards 101
A New Face For Adobe — Redux
Combining Jamo Test #1 — Please Ignore
Combining Jamo Test #2 — Please Ignore
New For Unicode Version 10.0: Hentaigana — 変体仮名
Combining Jamo Test #3
Tales from the “Green Book” — ehandler.ps


UTC #150
The Tale of U+27BF & Adobe-Japan1-6 CID+20958
Year of the Rooster
Resurrecting L2/14-006
IVD Topic: Duplicate Sequence Identifiers
CFF Subroutinization Improvements
Source Han Serif / Noto Serif CJK History & Development
Designing & Implementing Biáng
Adobe InDesign Tips: Japanese/CJK Functionality + English UI
MediumAdobe InDesign Tips: Japanese/CJK Functionality + English UI — Redux
April 11, 2017 — Another Date Which Will Live In Dignity
Introducing Source Han Super OTC
Three Multiple-Family Super OTCs
Source Han Sans vs Source Han Serif
Source Han Unicode
When Simplified Chinese Isn’t Exactly Simplified
HKSCS-2016 & Adobe-CNS1-7
The Tale of Three PRIs
Super, Mega & Ultra OTCs
“Houston, we have a problem… …with U+2F9B2”
Internationalization & Unicode Conferences
A Forthcoming Registry & Ordering: Adobe-KR-6
Adobe-Japan1-6 on GitHub
Three Down, One To Go…
OpenType SVG Fonts in Creative Cloud Apps
Unicode Beyond-BMP Top Ten List — 2017 Redux
Medium2022 Top Ten List: Why Support Beyond-BMP Code Points?
Ten Mincho: To Boldly Go Where No Font Has Gone Before
Unicode IVD: Six Versions & Five Collections
Adobe-KR-9 Second Draft


Standards 102 — Silent Corrections
UTC #154: SVSes, IDCs, KPS 9566 & Unicode 11.0
Adobe-KR-9 Third Draft
Standardized Variation Sequences — Part 1
Unihan & Moji Jōhō Kiban Project: The Tip of the Iceberg
Exploring IICore — Part 1
Exploring IICore — Part 2
Exploring IICore — Part 3
Year of the Dog
Exploring IICore — Part 4
Exploring IICore — Part 5
Adobe-KR-9 Fourth Draft
CMap Resources & Character Collections
UTC #155
Contextual Spacing GPOS Features: ‘cspc’ & ‘vcsp’
The Adobe-KR-9 Character Collection — Beta Release
Unicode Version 11.0
“Tally Marks” OpenType-SVG Font
The Adobe-KR-9 Character Collection — First Public Release
한국어Adobe-KR-9 캐릭터 콜렉션 — 첫 번째 공개 릴리스
Adobe-Japan1-6 Is Expecting!
Preparing for May 1, 2019—2019年5月1日の準備
Adobe-Japan1-7 Subset Fonts
日本語Adobe-Japan1-7 のサブセットフォント
IICore 2020 🤔
About Adobe-Japan1-7 Font Names
日本語Adobe-Japan1-7 のフォント名について
“Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K” → U+327F ㉿
2018 Unicode Bulldog Award
Revisiting “LOCL Test”
Ten Mincho Redux: SVG & Text
日本語帰ってきた「貂明朝」:SVG と「テキスト」
Source Han Sans Version 2.000 Technical Tidbits
日本語「源ノ角ゴシック」バージョン 2.000 の技術的な特長について
15 Year Danny Shatford
さらば、CID フォント!


My Name: Ken, ケン, 剣, 劍, or 劍󠄁?
Am I Ken, ケン, 剣, 劍, 劍󠄁, or 剑?
Variable Font Collections
Preparing for MSCS — Macao Supplementary Character Set
Source LOCL Test
CMap Resources — Redux
Adobe-Japan1-6 vs Source Han
A Brief History of Japan’s Era Name Ligatures
Four of a Kind: KS X 1001 & KPS 9566
Adobe-Japan1-7 Published!
Source Han Sans Version 2.001
Contextual Spacing GPOS Features — Redux
Adobe Blank VF & Friends
MediumAdobe Blank: The Typeface Design
Adobe Clean Han Version 2.001
Source Han Mono Version 1.000 Technical Nuggets
To UVS, Or Not To UVS
Source Han Mono Version 1.001 Update
Horizontal & Vertical Compression/Expansion via Variable Fonts
The Official “CJKV” Chariot
The Best Vehicle I Have Ever Owned
MediumStill The Best Vehicle I have Ever Owned
MediumTesla Model 3 ❤️🤍💙 Triplets
MediumFive Years of Tesla Model 3 Ownership
Adobe-Japan1-7 GSUB Features
2019 “State of the Unification” Report
Medium2020 “State of the Unification” Report
Medium2021 “State of the Unification” Report
Medium2022 “State of the Unification” Report
Medium2023 “State of the Unification” Report
オントロ & グスーム?

About the Author

Dr Ken Lunde worked at Adobe for over twenty-eight years — from 1991-07-01 to 2019-10-18 — specializing in CJKV Type Development, meaning that he architected and developed fonts for East Asian typefaces, along with the standards and specifications on which they are based. He architected and developed the Adobe-branded “Source Han” (Source Han Sans, Source Han Serif, and Source Han Mono) and Google-branded “Noto CJK” (Noto Sans CJK and Noto Serif CJK) open source Pan-CJK typeface families that were released in 2014, 2017, and 2019, is the author of CJKV Information Processing Second Edition (O’Reilly Media, 2009), and published over 300 articles on Adobe’s now-static CJK Type Blog. Ken earned BA (1987), MA (1988), and PhD (1994) degrees in linguistics from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, served as Adobe’s representative to the Unicode Consortium since 2006, was Adobe’s primary representative from 2015 until 2019, serves as Unicode’s IVD (Ideographic Variation Database) Registrar, attends UTC and IRG meetings, participates in the Unicode Editorial Committee, became an individual Unicode Life Member in 2018, received the 2018 Unicode Bulldog Award, was a Unicode Technical Director from 2018 to 2020, became a Vice-Chair of the Emoji Subcommittee in 2019, published UTN #43 (Unihan Database Property “kStrange”) in 2020, and became the Chair of the CJK & Unihan Group in 2021. He and his wife, Hitomi, are proud owners of a His & Hers pair of acceleration-boosted 2018 LR AWD Tesla Model 3 EVs.



Dr Ken Lunde

Chair, CJK & Unihan Working Group—Almaden Valley—San José—CA—USA—NW Hemisphere—Terra—Sol—Orion-Cygnus Arm—Milky Way—Local Group—Laniakea Supercluster