The Power of “Plain Text”

“Plain text” represents raw text data; can endure in more environments; survives most transcoding operations; persists throughout a document workflow; can be edited, searched, copied, pasted, imported, and exported; can be repurposed, mined, analyzed, and transliterated; can be stylized, made rich, or marked up; and serves as the foundation for “meaningful content.” Furthermore, Unicode “plain text” is far more usable than that based on legacy encodings due to its broad coverage of scripts (159 as of Unicode Version 14.0) and its extensive use of properties.

TextEdit app Preferences settings (macOS)
Mail app Preferences settings (macOS)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CJK Compatibility Ideographs block includes twelve CJK Unified Ideographs that are not subject to normalization.

CJK Unified Ideographs in Unicode Version 14.0 (2021)

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